Afternoon Headlines 7/18/2016

Top Colorado Democrat hits Darryl Glenn

It’s the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. And one top Colorado Democrat is already taking aim at Darryl Glenn, the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate. Glenn has a speaking slot on the convention stage, which is a nod to his rising-star status.

Rick Palacio, chair of the Colorado Democratic Party, held a conference call with reporters this morning. During the call, he tore Glenn down for his stance against bipartisanship.

Glenn, who beat out four other nominees during the Colorado primary last month, has repeatedly said that he is tired of Republicans reaching across the aisle. He is a proudly far-right conservative, and he says he will not moderate his approach. He wants Donald Trump for president and Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court.

Colorado Democrats like Palacio say Glenn is too extreme for swing state Colorado — but Republicans, of course, are saying the same thing about incumbent Michael Bennet.

Reported water plan numbers inflated

Last week, The Colorado Independent reported that Colorado has already spent nearly 6 million dollars on the state water plan. That figure was based on numbers provided by the Department of Natural Resources.

But it turns out that the reported amount was inflated — by as much as 40 percent. The actual cost of the water plan so far is closer to three and a half million. That’s a difference of about 2.5 million dollars.

A big chunk of the discrepancy comes from an accidental double-counting error. And an even bigger chunk comes from grant money that was awarded but ultimately not used.

The actual cost of the water plan includes money spent on project management, miscellaneous administrative costs and the development of nine regional implementation plans.

The water plan’s main goal is to stave off the large water shortage predicted to hit the state by 2050.

Colorado High School Democrats take a stand for peace

Colorado High School Democrats organized a city-wide peace march in Denver on Saturday to call for peace and unity in the wake of recent police violence.

Starting at the statue of Dr. Martin Luther King in City Park, hundreds of students, parents and community members marched down Colfax to the state Capitol carrying signs that said things like “Black Lives Matter” and “Don’t kill us.” In all, they walked about 30 blocks.

Many of the people they passed cheered and honked their horns in support. Some simply said that “all lives matter.”

At the end of the march, state Representative Joe Salazar and others spoke about the importance of equality and anti-racism.

One notable speech came from Denver high schooler Tai Anderson, who’s running for a spot on his local school board. Anderson spoke about community, unity and allyship with white supporters.

He called his speech the State of Peace Address.

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