Kaiser Strikes, Evictions Spike and Prominent Denver Gay Bar Closes


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Kaiser Permanente Workers Extend Historic Strike

Kaiser Permanente workers are pressing on with their historic nationwide strike today, according to a union press release. About 3,000 Colorado-based Kaiser employees are taking part in the picket lines at five locations across the state. The union says they are protesting alleged unfair labor practices and inadequate staffing levels. They are joining a nationwide movement of nearly 75,000 workers.

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston is set to stand in solidarity with the striking workers, who claim that Kaiser executives have failed to engage in meaningful negotiations and address staffing concerns.

Rallies begin today at 11:30 AM at various medical offices, including the East Denver Medical Office in Alameda, Denver Loveland Medical Office, Rock Creek Medical Office in Lafayette, and Colorado Springs Briargate Medical Office The rally in Pueblo at the Acero Medical Office kicks off at noon.

CU Boulder Investigates Air Quality in Classrooms

The University of Colorado Boulder is currently conducting an investigation into air quality in K-12 classrooms. Their goal is to determine whether the installation of air purifiers can mitigate school absenteeism and health-related issues.

Over the past few months, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have installed air quality monitors in 2,400 classrooms throughout the state. These monitors provide real-time data on classroom conditions, including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and air pollutant levels. Statewide, they’ve helped install air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters in approximately 30,000 classrooms.

Several school districts, including St. Vrain Valley School District, have joined this initiative, recognizing the benefits of air purifiers in filtering out pollutants such as vehicle exhaust and wildfire smoke, which can exacerbate allergies and asthma and even remove airborne viruses like COVID-19.

The research team plans to compare student absenteeism rates in classrooms with air purifiers to those without them.

Eviction Surge Hits Denver

Evictions have surged in Colorado this year, with Denver taking the hardest hit, according to The Denver Post. The city is on track to record around 12,000 evictions this year, marking the highest figure since 2008.  This year’s reported evictions, approximately 9,000, have already exceeded last year’s total. Experts believe the actual numbers could be even higher.

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston declared a state of emergency earlier this year and proposed nearly $13 million in cost-of-living assistance to address the homelessness crisis. Many argue the proposed spending is not enough.

Triangle Bar Closes Amid Challenges

The Triangle Bar, a prominent downtown Denver gay bar, has announced its closure this week. In an email statement, the bar’s owners cited the challenges posed by what they described as “ever-expanding encampments” that negatively impacted their business and the surrounding neighborhood. To understand their decline in business, Triangle management conducted a customer survey, revealing that 60% of respondents cited encampments and safety concerns as reasons for not patronizing the establishment.

Alexis Kenyon

Alexis Kenyon

Alexis Kenyon is an experienced radio reporter with more than 15 years of experience creating compelling, sound-rich radio stories for news outlets across the country. Kenyon has master's degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism in radio broadcast and photojournalism. She has worked in KGNU's news department since 2021 as a reporter, editor, and daily news producer. In all her work, she strives to produce thought-provoking, trustworthy journalism that makes other people's stories feel personal. In addition to audio production, Kenyon runs KGNU's news internship program and oversees the department's digital engagement.

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