Jail Support for Activists Outlined

Perhaps you have written a phone number in permanent marker on your arm before embarking on a march in the streets of downtown Denver.  Veteran marchers know the drill.  If you don’t write it on your body, you run the risk of not having contact with the outside world if arrested, especially if you write the number on paper which would be confiscated after arrest.

KGNU often provides coverage from the streets of people who speak out against what they say is violence and injustice.  We have witnessed multiple arrests.  Most recently on July 14th, those protesting the fatal police shooting of Denver resident Paul Castaway by Denver police officer Mike Lee Traudt took to the streets. Two people were arrested.

Then on July 21st at the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference in Denver, protesters again spoke out against police violence.  In published videos, two activists can be seen being hit by a motorist who seemed to be accelerating as they were crossing the street.  The activists were arrested, the driver was not.  Four other people were arrested on charges from obstruction of a roadway to disobeying a lawful command.  One was a journalist who was wearing a helmet and carries with his equipment a gas mask and eye protection.

journalist arrest
Journalist being arrested covering a July 30, 2015 action protesting the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police annual meeting in Denver. Five others were arrested.  photo:  Unicorn Riot (used by permission)

A jail fund has been in existence for several years now to support activists and after the July 30th arrests additional funds poured in from supporters.

Nellie Bly as she wishes to be called, maintains the support line and the jail fund.  She talked to KGNU on Saturday about what she does and as she sees it , how the judicial system has worked or failed.  We are using a fictitious name and have altered her voice at her request for her protection:


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    Jail Support for Activists Outlined Early Morning News

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    Jail Support for Activists Outlined Early Morning News

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