Elections: How safe is the “Safe Zones 4 Kids” Boulder ballot measure? Hear both sides

Boulder Ballot item 302 – also known as Safe Zones 4 Kids – is a one-sentence addendum to an existing City of Boulder ordinance. If passed, the measure would amend the city code to prioritize the removal of tents, propane tanks and other items from within 50 feet of a multi-use path and 500 feet of a school.

Safe Zones 4 Kids was a citizen’s initiative, and proponents gathered sufficient signatures to put the measure on the ballot. Those in favor say that there are increasing safety concern’s along Boulder’s bike and walking paths, and that this measure is a way to address those concerns.

Opponents of the measure are organized through “Solutions Not Safe Zones,” and argue that the ballot item does not provide solutions related to encampments or hazardous material near schools and multi-use paths; rather, they say it would make addressing safety issues harder.

On today’s A Public Affair, Jennifer Rhodes spoke on behalf of supporters of of Safe Zones 4 Kids, and Katie Farnan spoke on behalf of the opposition.

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This debate is a part of KGNU’s ongoing Special Election Coverage.

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