Hemispheres: The Global Refugee Crisis

​The global refugee crisis was discussed by a panel of experts and moderated by Tamar Larsen at the Conference On World Affairs last month.

Hemispheres producer Nikki Kayser hosts four guests.

  • Steven Vertovec is an author, editor and adviser on religion, sociology and ethnic diversity. He edits​ the​ Global Networks ​journal ​and ​​Global Diversity​ book series​.
  • Gabrielle Appleby researches and teaches public policy and constitutional law in New South Wales, Australia.
  • Pia Orrenius of Stockholm is an economist and author of Ten Gallon Economy: Sizing Up Economic Growth in Texas and Behind the Golden Door: US Immigration Reform in a New Era of Globalization.
  • Sofia Villarreal-Castañeda is a fiction writer and scholar from Bogatá, Columbia. She explores themes of social and political matters and their impact on vulnerable groups such as migrants.​
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    Hemispheres: The Global Refugee Crisis kgnu

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