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We have the privilege of sitting in on a conversation with Lindsay Loberg, Jane Murphy, and Susan Laws, all members of a national union known as the Debt Collective. Except for Susan, who was once a core member, Lindsey and Jane are current core members of the Colorado Chapter. Full disclosure, I’ve been following the Debt Collective for some time, and more recently have become a union member who pays her dues. We focus on the Debt Collective this month because on May 22nd, the National Contingent did an action in D. C. asking our government to fund education and not genocide. You can hear more about that below. We also decided to talk about this because debt is pervasive in our lives, and its impact often minimizes our participation in a democracy and mitigates opportunities for a dignified life.

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    Hemispheres_2024-05-28 Susan Laws, Jane Murphy, Lindsay Loberg and Myrna Morales


Fund Education, Not Genocide story:

On May 22nd, The Debt Collective, a union of debtors, will be hosting a national event in DC asking the US government to fund education and not genocide.  KGNU’s Myrna Morales had an opportunity to sit in on a conversation with members, Lindsay Loberg, Susan Laws and Jane Murphy, of the Colorado Chapter of the Debt Collective, who will be hosting their local action here in Denver.

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    May 22 2024 Collective Action CO Debt Collective, Myrna Morales, Jackie Sedley

For more information on the May 22nd event, you can sign up here or you can scan the QR code below.

QR code for CO Debt Collective
QR code for CO Debt Collective
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