Headlines — September 2, 2022

September 2, 2022


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    Headlines — September 2, 2022 kiara

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Boulder County Planning Commission Denies CEMEX’s 15-Year Mining Application

On Thursday, The Boulder County Planning Commission denied a 15-year mining proposal made by CEMEX and parks and open spaces unanimously 6-0. The proposal was to extend a cement plant and mining permit near Lyons for 15 years in exchange for 2,000 acres of parkland.  

Boulder County Commissioners Voted Unanimously Thursday To Ban Gun Shows At The County’s Fairgrounds. 

County Commissioner Martha Loachamin led the charge to change the county’s Fairgrounds manual saying they were inconsistent with the county’s stance and she was concerned about unregistered “ghost guns” that are largely sold at fairground gun shows.

She told the Camera,“ The gun shows just don’t reflect the county’s commitment and our strategic priorities and the goals of the fairgrounds to have a thriving community and a healthy quality of life.”

Boulder County along with neighboring Broomfield and Superior passed local gun violence prevention measures in June after the Uvalde shooting killed 19 elementary students and 2 teachers.

No one from the public commented on the gun show change at Thursday’s hearing. The last gun show held at the fairgrounds appears to have been the Longmont Hunting & Sportsmen’s Gun Show in June.

New Citywide Noise Ordinance

Police can now address “amplified noise” from 7 am-11 pm due to a new noise ordinance that was voted in favor on Thursday. The new ordinance allows police to check out a house without a complaint or a decibel meter. 

Officers can now try to guess if they can hear the house from 200 feet away from the house.

Colorado State Court of Appeals Denied Thorton Pipeline 

The Colorado State Court of Appeals in Denver upheld a lower court’s decision to deny the City of Thornton the right to build a water pipeline across northern Larimer County north of Fort Collins this week. 

Officials in Thorton have campaigned for several years to build the pipeline which would pump water from about 20 thousand acres of farms down to Thorton 

Opponents of the water pipeline say there’s no need for it and Thornton “should run the water down the Cache la Poudre River through Fort Collins until it reached the Town of Windsor and then divert the water into a pipeline, thus restoring flows to a critically endangered 12-mile section the Poudre River.” according to a press release 

“We’ve told Thornton for over 10 years that the water should flow down the Poudre River through Fort Collins,” said Gary Wockner of Save The Poudre. “This is potentially a win-win project, but Thornton refuses to use the River as a conveyance and continues to waste everyone’s time and money in court

“Once again, we offer to collaborate with Thornton rather than litigate,” said Wockner. “By working together, we can restore the Poudre River and Thornton can get the water.

Thornton must now decide if it will appeal the ruling to the Colorado Supreme Court, propose a new pipeline route in Larimer County, or let the water flow down the Poudre River to Windsor.

Broomfield Apartment Complex Catches Fire Thursday Evening

Thursday evening at an apartment complex in the 300 block of Eldorado Boulevard in Broomfield, the North Metro Fire Rescue District responded to a fire at around 6:45 PM. 

According to the Daily Camera, the fire crews contained the flames to the rooftop of the complex and put it out before the fire spread inside the building. One employee reported being injured but is not yet releasing details and say the cause of the fire is unknown.

Controversial AI-generated Artwork Takes Home First Place At Colorado State Fair

Artificial intelligence software and written prompts created an art piece that won first place in the digital painting category at the Colorado State Fair. Jason Allen, the artist, said he used AI as a “lavish sort of space opera scene.”

According to 9news, several artists on social media criticized Allen for submitting the work and refused to call him an artist.

“The AI is a paintbrush-like tool and there is a creative force and mind behind it, there is an imagination and author behind the prompts,” Allen said to 9news. 

Adams County Picks Executive Director For New Health Department

The Adams County Board of Health announced yesterday that they have appointed Dr. Kelly Weidenbach as the executive director for their upcoming county health department– making it one step closer to opening a new county-wide health department. 

For decades, healthcare services in Adams County were managed as part of the “Tri-County Health department” which combined healthcare services across Arapahoe and Douglas Counties. The collaboration dissolved last year after Douglas county withdrew from the department over disagreements about mask mandates and COVID-19 vaccinations.

Adam’s County Health Departments’ new leader Kelly Weidenbach has an extensive background in epidemiology, administration, policy, public health, and management.

The Adams County Board of Health, Weidenbach, and the other members of the county health department WHEN AND TO WHOM DID THEY SAY THIS? Said in a press release? that they hope to support the community with  immunizations, nursing home visits, increased testing for current diseases and sexual health resources,

As of now, the new county health department is almost nearing launch condition and filling in staff positions and is scheduled to take over the Tri-County Health Department on January 1, 2023.

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    Headlines — September 2, 2022 kiara

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