Headlines — October 17, 2022

October 17, 2022


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    Headlines — October 17, 2022 Alexis Kenyon

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Colorado Ballots Mailed Out Today

Election ballots are being mailed to active voters in Colorado today.

Matt Crane, the Executive Director of the Colorado County Clerks Association, says that voters should understand it may take several days for the ballots to be delivered.  “A lot of voters tend to get nervous if they don’t receive their ballots the next day. The way the post office delivers ballots in Colorado, they go out in waves, even though the ballots may drop from a county on Monday, it could take a full week for a voter to get their ballot,” said Crane. 

Crane says if people don’t receive their ballot by Monday, October 24, they should call their clerk and recorder to have a replacement ballot mailed, or they can go in person to a Voter Service and Polling Center to get a replacement ballot or vote in person. With the midterm elections less than a month away, some counties are reporting difficulties in recruiting election staff this year. Regina O’Brien, Clerk and Recorder for Eagle County, said her district is actually seeing a resurgence of people interested in getting involved.

“I’ve seen a greater degree of engagement, both from previous election judges who maybe took a pause during COVID for health reasons, and now are re-engaging because they believe so strongly in serving as an election judge, and they know the processes that we follow, and they want to be a part of that. I’ve also had engagement from folks who have questions, and that’s always one of the things, when voters have questions, I’ll spend as much time as I can explaining the processes like all clerks do, but then I invite them, if you’d like to serve as a judge, come be a part of the process,” said O’Brien.

Matt Crane also encourages voters to engage directly with their local clerk and recorder’s office as a way to counteract the misinformation around the elections. “Come learn the truth from the experts, don’t listen to the lies from the grifters,” said Crane. 

Crane encourages voters to sign up to track their mail-in ballot. That can be done through the official state website Colorado.ballottrax.net.

Gubernatorial Candidates Debate in Colorado Springs

Governor Jared Polis and Republican challenger Heidi Ganahl faced each other Sunday evening in the third gubernatorial candidate debate. The event, which took place in Colorado Springs, saw both candidates disagreeing on topics like energy and public safety.

Ganahl, a CU Regent, accused Polis of decimating oil and gas and vowed to get the industry back to work. “Let’s produce oil and gas here, put people back to work, and make sure those dollars get back into the schools where they help our kids learn how to read,” said CU Regent.

Governor Polis reiterated his commitment to getting the state to 100% renewable energy by 2040 saying our reliance on fossil fuels makes the state vulnerable, citing the 2021 snowstorm in Texas that led to a major power outage. Polis also said switching to renewable energy is cost-effective, “We need low-cost renewable energy, energy independence, reliable, in Colorado, to be able to save people money and make Colorado more competitive,” said Polis. 

Ganahl mentioned the fentanyl crisis numerous times during the debate, accusing Governor Polis of being soft on crime when it comes to the drug, something Polis denied saying the sale of fentanyl remains a felony in the state.

“We’re second highest in fentanyl increase in deaths in the country, you think you’re doing a good job with fentanyl,” said Ganahl. “This is a national plague, we’re 26th to be clear in fentanyl deaths, but that’s not something to be proud of,” said Polis. “No, we are second highest,” said Ganahl.

“Last time you said that it was corrected on television by a fact checker, who said we were 26th, you can say whatever you want but the truth matters,” said Gov. Polis. 

In one of the more heated moments of the debate, Polis and Ganahl sparred over COVID vaccines, stemming from a question on a woman’s right to choose in the context of abortion.

“But also if you care so much about women’s healthcare choices, how come you fired so many women healthcare workers because they didn’t feel comfortable getting a vaccination during COVID?” said Ganahl. 

“Colorado remains a state, you know we have friends that haven’t been vaccinated and friends who have, we certainly encourage it I’ve been vaccinated,” said Polis.

“Did they lose their jobs, did you fire them?” said Ganahl.

“State workers? There was a period of time during the midst of the pandemic where they either got tested or they had the vaccine,” said Polis.

“You either believe in women’s healthcare choices or not,” said Ganahl.

“I am opposed and I have been opposed, and you know I have been, to vaccine requirements,” said Polis.

“Then why didn’t you put your foot down, you’re in charge you’re the governor,” said Ganahl.

“Because it’s not about rhetoric, it’s about encouraging people to do the right thing. Have you been vaccinated?” said Polis.

“Yes, I have,” said Ganahl.

“Thank you for agreeing with me that we shouldn’t force others to be vaccinated,” said Polis.

“That’s my own personal decision,” said Ganahl.

Polis and Ganahl are scheduled to debate again on October 25 in Grand Junction.

Woman Dies in El Paso County Jail Shortly After Booking

A Colorado Springs woman is the latest inmate to die this year in the El Paso County jail. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office identified the deceased woman as 58-year-old Felicia Hudson. She was found dead in her cell Friday night. Hudson had been booked into the county jail one day prior to her death.

Police say the El Paso County Coroner’s Office “will conduct a full autopsy to make an official determination as to the cause of death.” A media scan of other reported deaths in the same facility shows Hudson is at least the sixth person found dead this year inside the El Paso County jail.

Mass Shooting at House Party in Adams County

A mass shooting at a house party in Adams County left one dead and seven wounded. The shooting occurred at around 3AM Saturday. The Adams County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information about the driver of an early 2000s model blue Chevrolet Tahoe filmed by a surveillance camera near the crime scene.

Mount Sanitas Trail Repairs Planned for Tuesday

The City of Boulder will close the Mount Sanitas trail and parts of the Sanitas Valley and Dakota Ridge trail on Tuesday for repairs. Jack Armstrong has more. 

The City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks will use a helicopter to move materials necessary for Mount Sanitas trail repairs. The helicopter will operate tomorrow from 6:30 AM until 5 PM. 

The popular trail site will be closed to the public during repairs and people who access the restricted areas may receive citations from rangers. 

This project is funded by Boulder Open Space Conservancy whose mission is to advocate and enhance the ecological resilience of our public lands to climate change through sponsorship of conservation projects like this one. 

Weather Preparedness Week

This week is Winter Weather Preparedness Week. The National Weather Service is issuing a series of public information urging Colorado residents to be informed about the hazards that winter can bring. Monday is winter travel safety. Tuesday is winter watches, warnings, and adversaries. Wednesday is high winds. Thursday is windchill temperatures and hypothermia and Friday is avalanche safety.  

Today for winter travel safety, the weather service says to check the forecast and road conditions, winterize your vehicle with winter tires and pack emergency supply kits. Make sure your car has recently been serviced and check your tires for air pressure. 


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    Headlines — October 17, 2022 Alexis Kenyon

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