Headlines — October 11, 2022

October 11, 2022


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    Headlines — October 11, 2022 Luis Licon

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Missing Boulder Girl Found In Thornton

Boulder Police announced last night they have located a local 14 year old girl who had been missing since September 30th. The girl, identified publicly as Chloe Campbell, had been missing since the afternoon of a football game between Boulder High and Fairview. A multiagency effort pinpointed her locationat a residence in Thornton. 

Boulder police say they believe Campbell ran away from home but will continue to investigate the situation and gather more details.

Police Chief Maris Herold said in Press Release, “There is an ongoing investigation about where she. And what occurred while she was separated from her family. Some details are being withheld at this time to allow for a thorough investigation. We will not be releasing any additional details at this time out of respect for the teen’s privacy and to protect the integrity of the potential investigation.”

After police removed Campbell from the private residence in Thorton, they took her to a local hospital for evaluation. 

Colorado Attorney General Is Seeking Public Feedback

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office is seeking public feedback on proposed data privacy rules and how companies use personal information.

The proposed Colorado Privacy Act rules have been available since yesterday in the Colorado Register and on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website.

The Colorado Privacy Act is using a four-pronged approach to protect Coloradans’ privacy. First, granting Coloradans rights to access the data that companies have collected about them. Second, to determine whether and how companies can continue to collect, store, use, or sell their personal information. Third, it requires companies to be transparent about how they use personal data and to take precautions to reduce the risk that their data collection and use might pose to consumers. Finally, the law grants the attorney general the authority not only to hold organizations accountable for failing to comply with their obligations, but also to draft rules that would clarify the act’s requirements and provide guidance for compliance.

The privacy act will give Coloradans protections similar to those available to residents of other states like California and Virginia. 

Members of the public can provide comments in a series of stakeholder meetings scheduled for November. The privacy act’s rules are due to come into effect July 1st.


Denvers Basic Income Project Set To Start

The application window for Denver’s Basic Income Project opened Monday. The Basic Income Project is a project that helps people experiencing homelessness. According a press release, people have until November third to sign up for what will be a city-run study on the impacts of direct cash payments to those experiencing homelessness. 

People living in Denver can apply online from October 10th through November 3rd. Currently, they will only be accepting applications through community- partnered organizations including Colorado coalition for the homeless, the Salvation Army, and Rocky Mountain Human Services. You can find the full list at Denver Basic Income Project’s website. 

Boulder To Implement More Short-Term Curbside Parking

The city of Boulder will implement a short-term curbside parking pilot program in the downtown area and on University Hill. By converting existing time restricted loading zones to 24/7, flexible zones. the city hopes to alleviate short term parking demand from rideshares and delivery services.


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    Headlines — October 11, 2022 Luis Licon

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Luis Licon

Dedicated student, passionate about government relations and social issues. Currently an Intern at KGNU Community Radio as a Bilingual Reporter attending the University of Colorado Boulder.

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