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    Headlines – July 26, 2023 Por Jaijongkit

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Defunct CollegeAmerica Students in Colorado Awarded $130M in Federal Student Loan Relief

The federal government has agreed to offer $130 million in student-loan relief to 7,400 students who attended the Colorado campuses of the now defunct CollegeAmerica.

The U.S. Department of Education found that the college’s parent company had misrepresented the benefits of its education, leading to the closure of the campuses in 2020. The relief will include loan forgiveness and refunds for payments made by students who attended the Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs campuses between 2006 and 2020.

The Department of Education will notify eligible borrowers in August about the debt relief, and all federal student debt acquired from CollegeAmerica during the specified time frame will be wiped out.

The Education Department’s independent review was based on extensive evidence provided by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, which conducted years of investigations and litigation against the Center for Excellence in Higher Education and CollegeAmerica.

Suspect Involved in Stolen Car Incident Climbs to the Roof of a Boulder Business 

Boulder Police took a man into custody Tuesday after an hours-long standoff on a North Boulder rooftop. The standoff prompted police to issue a shelter-in-place order near 30th Street and Iris Avenue. 

The suspect surrendered six hours later and was taken into custody. Police charged the man with second-degree motor vehicle theft, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, obstruction of a peace officer, resisting arrest, and two outstanding warrants. 

A woman who was in an allegedly stolen vehicle with the man prior to the rooftop standoff is also facing charges of auto theft and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. 

Mayor Mike Johnston Shares Details of his Plan to Reduce Homelessness

Mayor Mike Johnston has revealed details on how he plans to house 1,000 homeless Denverites by the end of the year. 

Denver’s new mayor aims to increase housing capacity to get as many people off the streets as possible. 

The housing strategies Johnston is pursuing include connecting with landlords to put homeless people in rental units, as well as converting hotels and large commercial buildings into shelters. His administration also plans to partner with nonprofits to build tiny home villages on available land to help provide a safe space.

Johnston opened an Emergency Operations Center earlier this week to respond to and devise a plan to tackle Denver’s homelessness. 

The city has not yet released a budget for the plan, but has announced a series of town hall meetings over the next 45 days in each of Denver’s 11 districts. The first is this Tuesday in District 9 with Councilman Darrel Watson. 

Denver Police will continue to enforce its camping ban including homeless encampment sweeps. According to Johnston, the “decommissioning” of encampments will not happen until housing options are available.  

The Denver City Council voted this week to extend Johnston’s State of Emergency until Aug. 21. 

Oil and Gas Operations in Weld County Held to Higher Air Quality Standards After Court Ruling 

A federal appeals court has sided with Boulder County’s argument to not lower air quality standards for oil and gas operations in Weld County.

The ruling upholds federal air quality standards for Weld County It comes after officials there had petitioned for an exemption for the area’s oil and gas operations. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had originally exempted northern Weld County from the same air quality standards required of the rest of the Front Range. 

Boulder County successfully challenged this exemption in 2020 and the EPA reversed its original decision. In response, Weld County sued the federal court.

Boulder County, the Center for Biological Diversity, the Sierra Club, and National Parks Conservation Association defended the EPA’s support of higher air quality standards. In June, the appeals court ruled in their favor. 

Northern Weld County is now designated as in nonattainment of federal air quality standards. Boulder County Commissioners welcome this decision as a step towards environmental equity that will benefit public health and safety.

3 People Found Dead at Colorado Campground 

Authorities have identified the individuals whose bodies were discovered earlier this month at a remote campsite near a wilderness area northeast of Gunnison, Colorado. 

The deceased were identified as Rebecca Vance, her sister Christine Vance, and Rebecca’s 14-year-old son. The family left Colorado Springs in July of last year, with the intention of “living off the grid” in the mountains. 

A hiker discovered one of the bodies near the Gold Creek Campground, and Sheriff’s deputies later found the other two bodies at the campsite.

No vehicle was found at the campsite, indicating that the family had set up a long-term camp. Authorities believe that they attempted to endure the winter conditions but may have succumbed to exposure to the elements or malnutrition after running out of food. 

The investigation is ongoing, and a complete toxicology report is awaited to determine the exact cause of their deaths.

Eastbound Interstate 70 Reopens After Fatal Crash Investigation

Eastbound Interstate 70 was closed off after a fatal crash occurred yesterday morning between a box truck and a semi a few miles east of the Eisenhower Tunnel. 

The driver of the box truck, a 26-year-old man from Greeley, died in the collision when he tried to merge from the left lane into the right lane, and the front of the box truck hit the rear of the semi. 

The driver of the semi, a 40-year-old man from Florida, was uninjured, while a passenger in the semi sustained minor injuries. The investigation by Colorado State Patrol ruled out alcohol, drugs, and speed as factors in the crash. 

The eastbound lanes of I-70 reopened shortly before noon.

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    Headlines – July 26, 2023 Por Jaijongkit

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