Headlines — February 24, 2023

February 24, 2023


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    Headlines — February 24, 2023 Stacie Johnson

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Colorado Democratic Lawmakers Unveil Four Firearm Regulation Bills 

Four bills aimed at curbing gun violence in Colorado are now before State lawmakers. The bills were unveiled by their Democratic sponsors at a press conference Thursday. 

The proposed measures would raise the minimum age to purchase a shotgun or rifle to 21 and require a three-day waiting period between the purchasing of a firearm and taking possession. The others include rolling back legal protections for gun manufacturers and sellers, and expanding who can file a “red flag” petition. A red flag petition would allow a judge to order the temporary seizure of someone’s firearms who the petitioner perceives as unsafe.

Gov. Jared Polis appears to support the bills, according to the Colorado Sun. Taylor Rhodes, of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, told the Colorado Sun his organization will mount one of the largest opposition campaigns the state has ever seen, including fighting the new laws in court. He added that the gun rights group has gained thousands of new members in anticipation of the proposed new laws.

Judge Rules There Is Enough Evidence To Send Club Q Suspect To Trial

The accused shooter in the Club Q murders has been ordered to stand trial, following a preliminary hearing in El Paso County. Fourth Judicial Court Judge Michael McHenry ordered the shooting suspect, Anderson Lee Adrich to stand trial on all of the more than 300 criminal counts yesterday. He sent Aldrich back to jail without bond. Aldrich is due back in court for arraignment on May 30.

Five people were killed and seventeen others wounded in the November 19 shooting at the Colorado Springs nightclub. The preliminary hearing for Aldrich, who is non-binary, began on Wednesday. Detectives testified that their investigations indicate Aldrich went to Club Q and fired indiscriminately at the patrons inside, and that Aldrich had a “particular disdain” for LGBTQ people. District Attorney Michael Allen argued the shootings were motivated by hate. 

When Defense attorney Joseph Archambault addressed the court he conceded that the crime was senseless, but said Aldrich has shown remorse for their actions. Aldrich has not yet entered a plea, but observers expect a plea of not guilty.

Aurora Police Officer Under Investigation For Slamming Handcuffed Man To Ground   

Aurora Police have released body-camera footage showing an officer slamming a handcuffed man to the ground. In the video released yesterday, the officer leads a hand-cuffed individual to the exit of an Aurora Hospital. While approaching the exit the officer tells the man to stop resisting, and then slams him to the ground. Footage then shows the man on the ground as blood pools around his head. Two other officers were also present. One of them appears to laugh before commenting, “that’s quite enough.”

The incident occurred last August, but Aurora Police said the department’s Force Investigation Unit did not review it until mid-January because of their caseload and the original classification of the incident. Aurora Police say the case was referred to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for an external criminal investigation, meanwhile the department started their own review. 

Aurora Police said in a statement that as of yesterday, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has  completed their investigation and forwarded the matter to the District Attorney’s office. Their own internal investigation is ongoing. Aurora police added that the incident has prompted operational changes to avoid long delays of investigations surrounding use of force.

Bill Allowing The Right-To-Repair Of Farming Equipment Advances Out Of State House 

The State Senate is considering a new bill that would require manufacturers of high-tech farming equipment to sell the digital information and supplies necessary for farmers to make their own repairs. The new bill is similar to a right-to-repair bill approved last year. Democratic Rep. Brianna Titone sponsored the first, which allows consumers to repair their own wheelchairs. The new bill would extend that right to farmers.

Rep. Titone told Colorado Newsline that “Market prices, weather, pests, drought — there are all these things outside the control of a farmer trying to do their job. The last thing they need is for a piece of equipment to break and that becomes an additional barrier.”

According to Colorado Newsline, “the bill made it through the House on Tuesday with a 44-17 vote.” It next goes to the State senate.

Broomfield Veterans Museum Hosting Presentation On VA Updates 

The Broomfield Veterans Museum will host a presentation Saturday, Feb. 25 by Navy veteran Tim Hutchinson who will provide an overview of claim process changes by the Veterans Administration. The presentation will also cover the VA’s new appeals program, changes in response to COVID-19, as well as the 2022 Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins Act, which expands and extends VA healthcare for veterans exposed to toxins during the Vietnam, the Gulf War, and post 9/11 eras.

The presentation will begin at 10:00 a.m. The location of the museum is 12 Garden Center, off of Midway Boulevard and east of Wadsworth Boulevard in Broomfield. 



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    Headlines — February 24, 2023 Stacie Johnson

Stacie Johnson

Stacie Johnson


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