Headlines — February 21, 2023

February 21, 2023


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    Headlines — February 21, 2023 Alyssa Palazzo

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Boulder Shooting Suspect Jailed

A 45 year old man is in jail and facing possible felony charges, in connection with a shooting incident at the Millennium Harvest House in Boulder Monday.

Police believe Antonio Orlando Lucero shot off numerous rounds in his hotel room and in the area of the hotel. Authorities reported no injuries, but the gunfire led to an active shooter response by police, and a shelter-in-place order for people within several square blocks of the hotel.

According to a City of Boulder press release, the incident began around 9:30 AM when a CU police officer driving on 28th Street heard shots fired. Officers from Boulder and other nearby police departments responded. After identifying the suspect’s hotel room, police searched it and found two handguns, as well as evidence of gunshots.

Police lifted the shelter-in-place order around noon, after taking Lucero into custody near Folsom Street. He was first taken to a hospital and then to the Boulder County Jail. Possible charges against him include one felony count of possession of a weapon by a previous offender, one felony count of intent to distribute narcotics, and resisting arrest.

New Snowstorm

Metro Denver is bracing for a new winter storm.

The National Weather Service predicts snow and colder temperatures in the region and has issued a Winter Storm Warning, going into effect tonight into tomorrow.

They’re forecasting a ninety percent chance of precipitation, with a mix of rain and snow after 10 o’clock tonight. Three to six inches of snow is possible in the Denver area on Wednesday. Higher elevations may see up to two feet of new snow.

With wind chill factored in, temperatures could get as low as four degrees below zero.

Colorado Department Of Agriculture Grant Committee

Members are needed for a new advisory grant committee aimed at broadening Coloradans’ access to healthy food. 

The Colorado Department of Agriculture is looking for people to fill positions in the new Small Food Business Recovery and Resiliency Grant Advisory Committee.

This committee will assist in awarding about 6 million dollars in non-competitive grants to improve the availability of fresh, healthy food in Colorado, especially in areas currently lacking access.

The Department of Agriculture aims to offset higher prices small businesses experience compared to larger food retailers. 

The Grant Advisory Committee will consist of up to 7 members, including people from the relevant community and non-profit organizations, smaller food businesses not already applying for Community Food Access grants, and people who have previously been in food assistance programs.

The application is available online at ag.colorado.gov/CFA.

Climate Action Alerts

Representatives for the Public Employees Retirement Association are asking supporters to write their elected officials to help preserve fossil fuel related language in a bill that is passing through the state senate finance committee today. 

They say that language is a provision in danger of being amended out of the bill. It would require PERA board members to vote in line with the state’s greenhouse gas emission reduction goals via a proxy voter, and would also require PERA to report any type of climate related investment’s “risk, impacts and strategies.” 

Affordable Housing Bill 

A bill now before state lawmakers would give local Colorado governments the ability to buy multi-family properties, before private bidders.

To qualify for the so-called “right of first refusal” law, local governments would have to agree to use the properties for affordable housing.

Supporters say if enacted, the bill would give local governments an edge when establishing new affordable housing projects.

Opponents say the bill’s scope is too broad.

The measure, House Bill 23-1190, goes before the House Transportation, Housing, and Local Government Committee next week.

Colorado Gas Prices Higher Than Average

Coloradans are paying an average 75-cents more per-gallon at the gas pump than they were a year ago.

AAA Colorado reports the average price of gas in Colorado is fifty-four cents higher than it was a month ago, and sixty-nine cents above the national average.

As of yesterday, the average price-per-gallon across the state is $4.10. AAA says the cost for diesel is even higher, averaging $4.82 per-gallon. That’s nearly thirty cents higher than a month ago.

9News says that petroleum analysts are citing “refinery challenges” and the “transition to summer gasoline” among the reasons for the higher prices.


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    Headlines — February 21, 2023 Alyssa Palazzo

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