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    Headlines – August 3, 2023 Por Jaijongkit

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Potential Gas Leak Closes Boulder Justice Center

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Department evacuated its staff from the Criminal Justice Center Building on Wednesday evening after deputies detected a strong natural gas smell.

After an investigation, the Boulder Fire Department determined that natural gas was most likely coming into the building through the air handler.

Fire officials were also dispatched to investigate similar complaints in the area near the Justice Center which is at 1777 6th Street in Boulder.

The Justice Center was closed last evening while officials continued to investigate, but was expected to reopen this morning.

Adams, Boulder Counties Confirm First Human West Nile Virus Cases 

Health officials have confirmed more new human cases of West Nile Virus in the Front Range; one in Boulder County and another in Adams County.

In recent months, tests in several counties throughout the metro area have found mosquitoes carrying the virus. 

Health officials are encouraging Coloradans to use an EPA-approved insect repellent, for people ages 2 months and older. They’re also urging people to avoid outdoor activities during dawn and dusk, and to drain standing water outside where mosquitoes can lay their eggs.

Students Sue Douglas County Schools in Federal Court, Citing Racism

Four students of color filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday, alleging that the Douglas County School District showed a “callous indifference” towards severe and persistent racist bullying they reported to their schools.

According to the Denver Post, the plaintiffs’ lawyer confirmed that two of the teens included siblings Jeramiah Ganzy, who attended Castle Rock Middle School, and his sister Neveah Ganzy, who attended Douglas County High School. Both students described the bullying to the Post in May. At that time, the newspaper reported Jeramiah wrote to district officials about the incidents, but never received a reply.

The lawsuit claims both students were regularly called racial slurs and were harassed both in school as well as on social media. 

Their mother, Lacey Ganzy, says she felt that her children were not safe. She decided that Jeremiah would finish his school year online and that the entire family would move out of Castle Rock.

The suit further states that school officials made no effort to address the situation, but would sometimes punish the students of color if they fought back against bullying students.

Mayor Johnston Speaks About Encampment Clearing Standards 

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston spoke about his plan for the removal of homeless encampments at a news conference Wednesday. 

The City of Denver has approved Mayor Johnston’s first attempt at a homeless encampment cleanup after he declared a homelessness state of emergency. His administration will prioritize camps where public health risks are detected. 

According to 9News, the first encampment identified for public health risk criteria had a rat infestation. The unhoused people who camped on that street were banned from camping on that block but were reportedly not given a place to go. 

Johnston said previous administrations have had many failed attempts at finding solutions for homelessness because there’s a lack of relocation areas.

The mayor says he plans to visit every encampment and speak with the residents before approving its removal. Johnston ensured that he would provide resources to the unhoused communities during his visits.

AG Weiser Halts Colorado Document Forgery Operations 

Attorney General Phil Weiser announced Wednesday that his office won a court case to temporarily stop operations of Aurora-based document company, PropDoks. 

According to the attorney general’s office, the court ruling came late last week and ordered PropDoks, and its owner, Erdis Moore III, to temporarily halt operations at the Denver PropDoks storefront. The ruling also froze company assets.

An investigation by the Consumer Protection Section of the Colorado Department of Law found that PropDoks promised to create almost any form of false documentation. The investigation found fake COVID-19 vaccination records, vehicle titles, and even child custody and emergency protection orders with a fake judge’s signature, among other documents.

The investigation also found disclaimers on PropDoks website, and displayed at its storefront, that stated the documents created by the company were for prop, theatrical, or educational use only. The disclaimers also requested customers not tell PropDoks how the documents were being used. 

More Toxic Algae Blooms Detected in Colorado 

Four bodies of water in Colorado have recently tested positive for toxic algae blooms. 

A warning has been issued for the four bodies of water, including Cherry Creek Reservoir, according to the most recent Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment Toxic Algae Tracker. A warning indicates that toxins were detected at high levels.  

Skin irritation, gastro-intestinal upset, respiratory issues, headache, and muscle and joint pain are all symptoms of exposure to the toxins given off during a bloom of blue-green algae.

Swimming and paddle boarding is not allowed. Not all bodies of water in Colorado are regularly tested for the cyano-toxin, so officials urge people not to enter a body of water that appears to have a bloom of blue-green algae or allow pets to enter or drink the water. Ingestion of toxic algae can lead to death in pets.

Lowline Fire Update

Over 400 firefighters from 21 states are working round-the-clock to contain the Lowline Fire near Gunnison and Crested Butte. Recent rains have aided their efforts, but with drying and warming conditions continuing, firefighters are expecting potential Red Flag conditions on Saturday.

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    Headlines – August 3, 2023 Por Jaijongkit

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