Headlines — August 15, 2022

August 15, 2022


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History Colorado Appointed To Research The History Of Colorado Indian Boarding Schools

History Colorado will spend the next year investigating the experiences of children at a former Indian boarding school in Hesperus, Colorado.

Gov. Polis signed the The Native American Boarding School Research Program Act in law in May. Schools believed to have been a part of a federal program to separate Native American children from their parents have until August 26th to submit documentation for review, according to the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs. 

According to a press release, History Colorado has spent the time since the Research Program Act was signed in late May conducting research alongside tribal partners and subject matter experts to research the events within the schools, including deaths and physical and emotional abuse. 

The first progress meeting for the project will occur on Thursday, September 8. 

CDPHE Recommends COVID-19 Revaccination For Patients Of Two Clinics

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is now recommending that patients who got the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at Colorado Family Clinic in Wheatridge between February 3, 2022 and June 28 2022 and patients who received a COVID-19 vaccine between October 9, 2021 and April 24, 2022 at Denver-based Servicios de la Raza –- get re-vaccinated . 

According to a press release, Colorado Family Clinic received a total of 190 doses of Pfizer vaccine but did not maintain the required temperature data or records of the number of vaccine doses it administered. COVID-19 vaccines that have not been stored properly may be less effective. The Denver-based clinic, Servicios De La Raza,  vaccinated  594 people with this improperly-stored vaccine.

According to a press release, “there are no negative side effects or safety concerns associated with receiving a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine which has not been properly stored. The only risk is that it may not offer protection from COVID-19 the way a valid dose does. Getting vaccinated again will help make sure that you are protected from COVID-19.”

Open Space Authorities Implement New Bear-Related Leash Restrictions

Today, new restrictions for dog-walkers go into effect, requiring dogs to be kept on leash on several open space trails. The city hopes the leash requirement will minimize contact between dogs and bears. Disturbing the bears while they’re fattening up for winter could decrease their over-winter success, which may lead to them venturing further into the city in search of food. The leash requirement applies to Skunk Canyon up to the Mesa Trail, portions of the Gregory Canyon Trail, Saddle Rock and Amphitheater trails, and the upper part of Doudy Draw trail. These restrictions go into effect today and will run through November 1st. In the case of a bear sighting, remember to stay calm, keep your distance, and slowly leave the area while talking aloud to make the bear aware of your presence.

Seven Shootings In One Week In Denver 

Three people were shot and killed and five others were injured this week in the midst of seven different shootings in Denver. According to The Denver Post, two of the shootings involved police firing their guns. 

The Denver Post also wrote, “In the first six months of 2022, 43 people were shot and killed and 141 more were shot and injured in the city — a more than 80% increase from the average of the first six months of the three previous years.” 

Boulder County Proposes Wildfire Mitigation Tax 

Boulder County proposed to establish a 0.1% countywide sales tax for the purpose of funding wildfire mitigation efforts to proactively address the risk of wildfires. A new, countywide sales and use tax on the November ballot would generate up to $11 million per year for wildfire mitigation. Boulder County commissioner, Matt Jones – who is a former wildland firefighter – is backing the new tax. 

It’s just critical we get ahead, to proactively protect homes and forests from these catastrophic wildfires we’re having.” Jones told 9news. 

Structure Fire In Denver Last Night 

There was a structure fire late Sunday night in Denver in the area of Federal and Vesser. The Denver Fire Department posted updates on Twitter. According to them, one firefighter received minor injuries and there was no one in the building. The building was under construction and received significant damage.  

Flash Flood Watch Warning 

As we move through summer, the weather is starting to cool down. This week is projected to be below 90’s with a lot of rain. There’s a flash flood watch in effect across the mountain range today. 9news reports that the watch ranges from 1 PM through midnight.


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