Headlines — August 12, 2022

August 12, 2022


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    Headlines — August 12, 2022 kiara

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Healthy School Meals

Teachers, parents and students gathered yesterday at Edgewater elementary to kick off a campaign to pass a healthy school meals for all ballot measure. 

The initiative is asking Colorado voters to fund free school lunches for all public school students– something that the federal government funded throughout the pandemic until the program expired June 30th. Zander Kaschub, a school food nutrition worker at the rally says, feeding kids is about investing in their and the communities’ future… 

“It’s a values thing. And it’s about    who are, who are we we   invest investing in? What are we doing with our taxpayer dollars? And it’s not good. It’s creating this al most kind of class kind of split between our student populations and kids don’t need that. You know, kids just need to go to school and learn and be supported. They don’t need to, to, to bring all that weird politics into their education

The federal government will continue to fund the Free and Reduced Lunch program, but many supporters of universal school meals argue the income criteria to qualify for the program is far too low to take into account inflation over the last year and the high cost of living in Colorado.”

U.S. Sued On Late Decision For Protections Of Gray Wolves In The Rockies

Wildlife advocates are suing the federal government for failing to reach a decision over a vulnerable gray wolf population  across the northern US Rocky Mountains. 

The final decision on whether or not to enforce protections of the rehabilitated gray wolves along the rocky mountains was due June 1. 

The Colorado Sun also wrote, “wolves were exterminated across most of the U.S. by the 1930s under government-sponsored poisoning and trapping campaigns. They were reintroduced from Canada into the northern U.S. Rockies in the 1990s.” 

Since then, there’s been a trend in Republican states, where a higher percentage of wolves are being killed during hunting season. The protections that would’ve been put in place if the government had decided in favor would’ve implemented more restrictions on hunters. 

There has been no reported date of the lawsuit so far.

Casa Bonita’s $12 Million Renovation Plans Leaked 

The Colorado staple, Casa Bonita is not only reopening, it’s getting a makeover. The City of Lakewood obtained the plans and permits for the restaurant’s internal work and face lift. 

According to 9news, “Westword was the first media outlet to break the news that “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker were buying the restaurant for $3.1 million, but these documents reveal the new owners are spending at least four times as much on renovations and upgrades,”

The two bought Casa Bonita on September 27 and have since retained the permits for renovations. The original restaurant has been around since 1974 and widely known amongst Coloradans. There has been no reported day slated for the reopening.  

Boulder Rotary Is Looking For 2022 Jim Swaeby Peace Award Nominations 

The Boulder Rotary Club is looking for nominees for the 2022 Jim Swaeby Peace Award. 

According to The Daily Camera, a nominee has to “live or work in Boulder County or for an organization based in Boulder County. Make a significant contribution to building a culture of peace in the community or throughout the world. Exemplify the life of Jim Swaeby and Rotary’s commitment to peace,” 

The winner will have their name and their organization name inscribed in a plaque to be placed in a prominent position for the community to see,” the Rotary said in a news release.

Boulder Rec Pool Temporarily Closed 

The North Boulder Recreation Center pool won’t reopen until August 22 because the delivery of a necessary chemical has been delayed. To stay updated, check Boulder Parks and Rec online schedule. 


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    Headlines — August 12, 2022 kiara

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