End of Life and the LGBTQ Community

We all have basic needs to ensure that the end of our lives reflects the way we lived. But the LGBT community faces distinct challenges, vulnerabilities and gifts at this time of life. We’re going to discuss what it is like to deal with death and grief from the gay perspective of human experience.


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    End of Life and the LGBTQ Community KGNU News


Today’s guests are Jackie Hibbard, Hospice chaplain with Halcyon Hospice and a UCC Minister, and Frank Kogen, a national Gay Rights Activist for many decades, who works with BCAP and serves on the Out Boulder Board.

Out Boulder County hosts a LGBTQ+ Community Café, every Wednesday from 11:30-1pm at the OBC office, 630 Main Street, Longmont.

Kim Mooney, today’s co-host can be reached through www.practically-dying.com.

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    End of Life and the LGBTQ Community KGNU News




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