Dude, It’s Boulder! Show Returns To Local Stage

Viva Theater’s sold-out show, Dude, Its Boulder!, returns in a new production featuring 100 years of Boulder history. KGNU’s Ginger Perry speaks with award-winning playwright Jane Shepard about her irreverent take on the city, that features 10 decades, 75 characters, and live music.

Listen to the story below:
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    Dude, It’s Boulder! Show Returns To Local Stage KGNU News

Viva Theater is a Boulder community theater group dedicated to encouraging healthy, vibrant aging through creative expression including providing older adults opportunities to participate in the arts as performers, learners and audience.

“I think what Viva Theater does is really very, very valuable. We started out as a senior theater, a theater for older people. We had some people on the stage with us who had never been on the stage before, and never performed before, but who are alone…  and by the end of the production their lives have changed because they’re involved in something that’s creative, that’s fun, that creates community.” – Steve Grad, Viva Theater Board Member

  • Click here for the Viva Theater Website
  • Click here to visit Society for Creative Aging / VIVA Theater Facebook page


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    Dude, It’s Boulder! Show Returns To Local Stage KGNU News

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