From the electric vibe of college radio at West Virginia University to a dynamic 15-year journey in the world of radio, B. Smith has been weaving the narrative of life through the medium of music. A lifelong passion for music laid the foundation for a career that was destined to embrace the airwaves. The pivotal moment that solidified B. Smith's dedication to radio occurred during their time at WXPN for World Cafe Live. It was here that the magic of live performances and interviews transformed music into living stories, emotions, and experiences. B. Smith's musical footprint spans across various stations, leaving an indelible mark at WWVU, WXPN, WLAN, WRFY, KSDT, and KGNU. What distinguishes B. Smith is the profound personal connection with the music chosen, curating shows that serve as a vibrant and familiar soundtrack to life. With an affinity for indie, alternative, jam rock, and head-nodding tunes, each show exudes an infectious enthusiasm. Influenced by the interview finesse of Howard Stern, the meticulous research of David Dye, and the engaging style of revered DJs, B. Smith’s on-air persona is comfortable, engaging, and pulsating with excitement, sharing not just music but the emotions and stories that accompany it. While accolades may not define the journey, B. Smith has hosted captivating interviews with bands like Balthvs, Runaway Grooms, and The Avette Brothers, etching memorable stories in the fabric of their career. Beyond the airwaves, B. Smith engages with the community at KGNU’s concert tables and spins vinyl across the Front Range community. The connection with the audience continues through the digital realm at @the_only_smith. Exciting ventures like Boulder Dead Night, hosting the afternoon sound alternative on First Thursdays, and various fill-ins pave the way for B. Smith's future in radio. Off the air, B. Smith’s multifaceted life includes cherishing family, exploring nature through hiking and camping, reveling in the joys of parenthood, enjoying the thrill of snowboarding, and savoring the diverse experiences life has to offer. With an unyielding dedication to music and a vibrant bond with the community, B. Smith continues to craft sonic stories, keeping the rhythm alive and the audience grooving.

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