Ale Pacini

Ale Pacini is an American Space Physicist (born in Brazil) whose passion is to inspire people with science and art, helping to create a diverse and inclusive future for the earthlings. If Ale is not "listening" to the stars, she is listening to Earth's music! She loves how diverse is the KGNU's playlist and is having a blast producing Restless Morning shows! Ale loves to introduce Brazilian rhythms and artists to Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins and online KGNU's listeners. She hopes they are enjoying her show! Ale is the writer of the kid's books "Girls InSpace" and a mentor of the United Nations "Space4Women" network. She also has a growing YouTube channel about Space Physics for Portuguese-speaking audiences, that makes her feel closer to her students in Brazil. Ale's favorite movie is "Contact", her favorite book is "For Small Creatures Such as We", her favorite radio telescope is (was) Arecibo and her favorite music is... Brazilian, of course! :)

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