Divesting from Fossil Fuels

“There are a growing number of options to invest in that are fossil fuel free and that can be done in a pension fund, it can be done in a retirement fund, but the first thing you have to do is to ask for it.”

John Powers, founder and Board President of the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado is one of the presenters at the first-ever Divestment and Sustainable Investment Forum in Denver happening May 7th – 8th.

Powers says there are more and more opportunities for conscious investing for people who don’t want their investment dollars to support the fossil fuel industry, “the most obvious and immediate would be energy, which would be in renewable energy sources or alternatives.”

More than 650 individuals and 180 universities, religious institutions, foundations, cities and countries have joined a rapidly growing movement to divest from fossil fuel companies and move toward investing in climate solutions.

Despite that, Powers says that the concept of conscious investing is relatively new among financial professionals.

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    Divesting from Fossil Fuels KGNU News

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    Divesting from Fossil Fuels KGNU News

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