Detention Nation

The Collective Sin Huellas presents a unique art installation at the Museo de las Americas in which the viewer is forced to experience conditions thousands of  immigrant detainees endure everyday. Chain link fences, razor wires, and cameras alert your instincts of your captivity. The installations challenge viewers to contemplate the consequences of broken immigration policies, and to experience the subhuman conditions that prevail in detention facilities across the country and the world.

Maruca Salazar, Curator at the Museo says that “Detention Nation is a call-to-action in solidarity of all unjustly incarcerated!”

KGNU’s Kristine Schaefer met several of the artists involved in the exhibit.

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Detention Nation is on display at the Museo de las Americas until May 27th.

The Sin Huellas Collective Artists are Carlos Carrasco, Selene Cortez, Brenda Cruz Wolf, Orlando Lara, Delilah Montoya, Douglas Menjivar, Hope Stanford and Deyadira Trevino.

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