Denver Micro-community opens, Colorado economy added way more jobs than first thought in 2023


The team behind a proposal to build a new tennis complex in Boulder’s Gunbarrel neighborhood have suspended their application for the facility.

In suspending the proposal, the applicants said they want to take the time to understand the concerns expressed by a neighborhood group.

The plan for the tennis facility would have developed a twenty acre site into a complex of twenty-six tennis courts, a clubhouse, and swimming pool. 

Supporters of the tennis complex say it’s important, due to a growing shortage of available tennis courts in Boulder County.

But opponents argue the development would upset the natural rural essence of the area.

While the application for the tennis facility is suspended, it could still be reopened or revised. But its opponents said in a press release that the matter will not be on the Boulder County Planning Commission’s docket for March 20th.

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Denver Micro-community opens

Today is move-in day for dozens of people who’ve been living in encampments near Empower Field, as Denver opens a new micro-community by the Overland Park neighborhood.

The new micro-community, at 621 W. Wesley Street, has 60 “tiny” homes and a community center.

It’s meant to provide temporary, transitional housing for about ninety-five people who had been at an encampment at West Colfax Avenue and Umatilla.

The La Paz micro-community, as Denver Mayor Mike Johnston calls it, will offer workforce training and help for those with mental health or addiction issues. That’s according to The Denver Gazette.

The city unveiled the new micro-community yesterday, but The Gazette says the first forty-seven residents are due to start moving in today.

The new site is in Denver’s Overland Park neighborhood. Some of those living there have been opposed to the micro-community, citing worries that it will decrease property values and lead to more crime and drug use.

The new micro-community will be the focus of a six-month study that will measure the impact of housing setups like this one on the area. That could lead to doubling the number of living units to 120.

Colorado economy added way more jobs than first thought in 2023

Colorado’s economy is doing much better on the job front than the federal government said earlier this year.

Colorado was initially ranked in the bottom 15 states for average annual growth rate when it comes to the employment sector by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, But after a process known as benchmarking, it turns out that Colorado actually ranks 11th in the country for best growth rate. That’s according to The Denver Post

Not only were a larger number of jobs added last year than the Bureau first estimated, but hiring is off to a strong start already this year.

Industry sectors with the biggest monthly gains in 2023 were professional and business services. Trade, transportation, and utilities, on the other hand, reported a loss of 1,800 jobs.

While jobs were added, the unemployment rate did go up. This may be attributed to more Coloradans looking for work.

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Tattered Cover’s Bankruptcy Plan

The Tattered Cover bookstore hopes to emerge from bankruptcy within the next few months.

The longtime Denver bookstore filed for bankruptcy and closed three of its locations last fall. But in a new filing in bankruptcy court, the bookstore submitted a revised plan to resolve $3.4 million in unsecured debt by June. That’s according to Denverite.

The Tattered Cover acknowledged in a statement that they still have to get through what they’re calling complicated negotiations and difficult decisions in order to establish profitability.

Their revised plan still needs the approval of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado.

The Tattered Cover still has its main store in Denver, and locations in Littleton, Aurora, and Union Station.

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Coors Field Vegan Burger is here

Fans of the Colorado Rockies will have some new food options at home games, once the 2024 Major League Baseball season begins.

Beginning Saturday, April 5th, a vegan burger stand will open in Section 115 of Coors Field, according to the Denver Post. In addition to plant-based burgers, they’ll offer dairy-free milkshakes made with oat milk.

The Rockies open the new season on March 28th, in Arizona. Their first home game is set for Friday, April 4th.

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