Find out which phones are the easiest to repair at home

Late last month, the Colorado Senate joined the Colorado House in passing a joint resolution calling for a national Right to Repair score system for our tech. This kind of system would help consumers understand how repairable their laptops, phones, and appliances are, which could influence the products people choose to buy and also potentially limit e-waste by holding companies accountable. The Colorado Public Interest Research Group, or CoPIRG, just released their newest “Failing to Fix” scorecard. That ranks the top laptop and cellphone manufacturers on repairability – so Apple ,Google, Samsung, and Microsoft, among others.

Danny Katz is CoPIRG’s executive director. He, along with other Right to Repair advocates and legislators, spoke at the Colorado Capitol yesterday showing their support for this Colorado electronic Right to Repair bill. Katz joined KGNU’s Jackie Sedley in the studio to discuss the group’s findings.

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