Celebrating 30 years of radio food, fun and family 

John Lehndorff and son Hans Lehndorff, at KGNU roughly 30 years ago (center) alongside pictures of them at KGNU on February 22, 2024. Photos Courtesy of John Lehndorff.
On Radio Nibbles this week, a special reunion. John Lehndorff debuted Radio Nibbles on KGNU more than 30 years ago, on a Thursday. John’s son, Hans Lehndorff, often joined him for the weekly show in the early days. Back in Boulder to visit with his spouse, Becca, Hans talks about what it was like growing up in a foodie home and how it has impacted his daily cooking life. Want to know the best thing Hans tasted this week? Listen in and find out.
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    Celebrating 30 years of radio food, fun and family  Jackie Sedley

You can read John Nibbles column in the Boulder Weekly here:
Jackie Sedley

Jackie Sedley


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