Capitol Coverage: Flow Line Mapping Bill Fails

A bill that would require energy companies to map oil and gas flow lines failed in the House early Tuesday morning when the debate took too long and the clock ran out. Bente Birkeland has more.

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    Capitol Coverage: Flow Line Mapping Bill Fails kgnu


The measure was in response to a deadly house explosion in Firestone that killed two men. It has been determined that a severed flow line near the property was leaking methane and other gases.

“This is a public safety issue.”

Democratic Representative Mike Foot of Lafayette one of the main sponsors of House bill 1372.

“We want to make sure this is done as soon as possible and that the public knows, local governments, home builders and other interested parties know where these flow lines are.”

But Republicans – including Dan Thurlow of Grand Junction – say the state regulatory agency already has authority to do that.

“Why not do it right, risk based inspections and procedures. I get it in Weld county and Boulder county and more populous counties.  But this bill is so broadly written it does nothing but hurt the west slope frankly.”

Even if the measure had cleared the House, Republicans in the Senate opposed it. I’m BB at the state capitol.

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    Capitol Coverage: Flow Line Mapping Bill Fails kgnu

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