Capitol Coverage: Abortion Bills Defeated

A trio of Republican abortion bills failed this last week in a Democratic controlled committee after a 12 – hour hearing. Bente Birkeland has more from the state capitol.

A measure that would have required the state and abortion providers to inform women about a pill that can potentially reverse the early stages of a chemical abortion took up the bulk of testimony. Amy Mendoza says she changed her mind after starting the chemical abortion process. She eventually found out about the reversal pill online but says she wishes she had known earlier.

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    Capitol Coverage: Abortion Bills Defeated kgnu


MENDOZA: I now have a healthy baby boy.  And I am very thankful every single day that,  that option and that choice was there for me.

BENTE: But there are very limited studies on the pill’s efficacy and it is not FDA approved. Many medical doctors testified that it is junk science. The state health department also opposed posting information about the pill on its website because that is not best practice and it’s not proven medical information. A separate measure that would have effectively made all abortions in Colorado illegal failed. As did a bill that would have required new regulations for abortion clinics. I’m BB at the state capitol.

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    Capitol Coverage: Abortion Bills Defeated kgnu

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