Capitol Conversation: The Colorado State Budget

The Democratic controlled House passed the state budget on Friday with five Republicans also backing it. The bill now heads to the Republican controlled Senate. As part of our weekly capitol conversation, Bente Birkeland talks to statehouse reporters about the debate and what to expect going forward.

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Highlights from Capitol Conversation:

On House Budget Amendments

Ed Sealover- Denver Business Journal:

“It’s not unusual to not see a lot amendments pass, but what I think was interesting this year was even the one up for debate were relatively minor in nature. I think that this the reality of what the [Joint Budget Committee] had to do to balance this 27 billion dollar budget.”

John Frank- Denver Post:

“There were a few battles but not maybe as many as last year, but what we saw were some election messaging here, with let’s put more money to roads, let’s put more money to education. The Republicans hammered that over and over. I think we’ll see that again as we get closer to November.”


On the Budget Heading to the Senate

John Frank- Denver Post:

“Now the debate moves over to the Senate and that’s going to be interesting because it’s a Republican controlled chamber. Whether the fight ramps up or not is the story line we’ll be really looking for.”


Ed Sealover- Denver Business Journal:

“One of the few areas where we’re going to see some possible changes is the funding of the state’s air quality division. When the budget was conceived there was no Republican support for actually funding 8.5 million dollars that goes to the division that funds all kinds of permitting and inspections…..The Democrats put it back in, in the House. It’s likely the Republicans will try to take something back out in the Senate.

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    Capitol Conversation: The Colorado State Budget kgnu

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