Capitol Conversation: Hickenlooper on 2015 Legislative Session so far

Hickenlooper-mGovernor John Hickenlooper recently sat down with reporters to discuss how the legislative session is going so far. Lawmakers are just past the midpoint of the four-month long session. As part of our capitol conversation series Bente Birkeland takes a look at what’s ahead.


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Which bills are being delayed?

How is the Governor handling split legislative control?

Here are some experts from our Capitol Conversation with Bente Birkeland

On Bills on Hold:

Kristen Wyatt: Associated Press

“One of the biggest bills of the session will be considering the amount of tests Colorado pupils have to take in public school. There’s a lot of anxiety. The Governor specifically talked about that in his state of the state in January. We still have not seen any serious debate on what that should look like.”

Peter Marcus- Durango Herald

“Coming up the big issue will be construction defect legislation which has sort of been touted as kind of the centerpiece of the legislative session, which tells you a lot of how the legislative session has been going. The issue there is going to be Democrats trying to push it for affordable housing, but some rifts within their own party on that.”



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