Boulder-Nablus Sister City Project to fundraise for an ambulance

Photo courtesy of Boulder-Nablus Sister City Project

The Boulder Nablus Sister City Project, or BNSCP, hopes to raise enough funds to purchase an ambulance for Askar Camp in Nablus, Palestine at their fundraising event on Aug. 19.

The only medical clinic near the Askar Camp closes at 2 p.m. and residents needing medical attention after that time must travel to a hospital in a city under military occupation, according to Essrea Charin, board member of the Boulder Nablus Sister City Project.

“The Israeli military will shut down the main road and it splits the City of Nablus in half. It prevents vehicles from getting from the west side to the east side, and vice versa,” says Charin.”There’s many times when they’ve had to transport injured or sick people in private vehicles and then the private vehicles don’t get through the blockades that the Israeli military puts up and so many people have died trying to get to the hospital for care.”

The sister city partnership between Boulder and Nablus began in 2016 and BNSCP holds fundraisers every year to aid the sister city. This year’s event will take place Saturday, August 19th at the First United Methodist Church of Boulder and will include Mediterranean food, crafts and dance lessons.

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