New Boulder energy code, Study reveals lead in school drinking water, St. Vrain Creeks and Rivers closed

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New Boulder energy code

Boulder City Council has officially adopted a new energy code, marking a step toward setting efficiency standards for buildings.

The new City of Boulder Energy Conservation Code will require many newly built and remodeled buildings to use all-electric appliances.

According to the Daily Camera, the code does not ban gas in all new buildings – there are exemptions for certain commercial and industrial spaces like restaurants and hospitals.

In large renovations, gas can still be used for backup heat sources, stoves, and fireplaces, though main space and water heating systems will need to be electric.

While the move to electric can be more expensive for developers, the code change is expected to cut energy costs overall and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Boulder.

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Colorado state Republican leaders call on chairman to resign after GOP’s anti-LGBTQ+ messages

There are growing calls for Colorado GOP Chairman Dave Williams to resign.

The calls started after the GOP sent out a mass email last Monday signed by Williams, accusing the LGBTQ+ community of being “godless groomers” who want to harm children. That same day, the Colorado GOP also posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, calling for the burning of all pride flags.

According to Denver7, state Republican leaders denounced the behavior late last week, saying it is not in alignment with the party.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser also chimed in, stating it can be a crime to burn a Pride flag, depending on the circumstances.

Williams defended the email, saying he will not apologize for putting his name behind the message.

A group of Arvada residents are wondering if William’s email connects at all to a number of missing Pride flags in their neighborhood. They told Fox31 they fly the flags every June, in honor of Pride month.

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Study reveals Colorado schools still have lead in drinking water 

Nearly two-thirds of the water sources that supply drinking water to Colorado school districts still have excessive levels of lead, more than a year after those high levels were first identified. 

The lead is found in water fixtures, according to the Colorado Public Interest Research Group, in a new study cited by Colorado Public Radio. The district with the largest exposure is Aurora Public Schools, with 88% of its fixtures needing help. Denver Public Schools are just behind that, with 83% of its fixtures requiring service.

The report identified nearly 1,500 water sources across the state’s 10-largest school districts with excessive lead levels.

Lead is highly toxic and can cause learning disabilities and other problems for those who are exposed to it.

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Colorado middle and high schools must provide menstruation products by 2028 

Middle and high schools in Colorado will soon be required to provide free menstrual products to all students.

According to the Colorado Sun, House Bill 1164 was signed by Gov. Jared Polis on Wednesday. The bill says all restrooms in the state’s middle and high schools must be stocked with free pads and tampons by 2028.

The bill comes after a survey conducted by Justice Necessary, a Colorado nonprofit working to increase access to hygiene products, which found that 90% of teen girls have started their menstrual cycle unexpectedly at school and didn’t have access to period products.

Eighty percent of those girls missed class because they didn’t have a pad or tampon.

The bill aims to better students’ instructional time and increase access for those who struggle to afford menstrual products.

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Marshall Fire Rebates Extended

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has approved a one-year extension for the Xcel Marshall Fire Rebuild Rebates. The rebates are meant for Xcel customers who lost their homes in the 2021 Boulder Marshall fire and are rebuilding. 

According to the Boulder County Website the new deadline for receipt of an approved permit is June 30, 2025, for the mixed fuel rebate tiers.

The rebates are available for homes permitted on or before that June date.

More information can be found at

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St. Vrain Creeks and Rivers closed

The Saint Vrain creeks and rivers in Lyons are closed for tubing, due to safety concerns. 

The closure started Friday, when officials announced the river was flowing too fast for single-chamber rafts and inner tubes. That’s according to 9News.

Kayaks and white water canoes are still permitted; however, anyone using those watercrafts is encouraged to exercise caution and wear a life jacket and helmet.

Those who violate the closure can receive A fine of $100.

9News says the closure includes the North Saint Vrain and Saint Vrain creeks from Apple Valley Road to North Foothills Highway.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office has not clarified when the closure is expected to end.

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