Boulder City Council Year in Review

As 2019 comes to a close, KGNU’s City Council reporter Roz Brown joined us in studio to take a look back at the biggest Boulder City Council stories of the year.

According to Brown, accusations of racism were a central focus of the council over the last twelve months, including issues with the Boulder Police Department and accusations of white privilege levied against city council at the end of 2019.

Looking ahead to 2020, Brown says she expects the city’s plans to create a municipal energy utility and launch 5G cell technology will take up a lot of the Council’s attention.

Brown adds the Boulder Library District, which would require voter approval, will also be a major 2020 Council project.

“Boulder has a huge number of people who use the library and at least a third of the people who use it are not from the city. So there’s an effort to find more funding, develop a new model to fund the library,”says Brown.

Listen to the full interview here:

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    Boulder City Council Year in Review KGNU News

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    Boulder City Council Year in Review KGNU News

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