Boulder City Council Candidate Forum: Celani, Joseph, Julca

There are 15 candidates seeking election to Boulder City Council in 2019. In this forum, moderated by Roz Brown, we hear from Andy Celani, Junie Joseph and Corina Julca.


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    Boulder City Council Candidate Forum: Celani, Joseph, Julca KGNU News


l-r: Celani, Joseph, Julca

Andy Celani has been a Boulder resident since 1974. He attended the CU Boulder, coached youth sports, and operated two small Boulder businesses including the Smooth Motors used car business. He wants to ensure residents have a voice in shaping the direction of the community, and accelerate the arrival of light rail transportation. He supports limited growth to protect existing neighborhoods, preservation of building height restrictions, and increasing affordable housing.

Junie Joseph is a CU Boulder law student with a master’s degree in applied human rights from the University of York and previously worked as a United Nations human rights officer. She has volunteered at Boulder ‘s Shelter for the Homeless, as chair of the Health and Human Services Citizen Panel Review and is a member of the Community Corrections Board. She advocates for more affordable housing, government efficiency, social justice and open space management.

Corina Julca emigrated from Peru to the U.S. in 2006. In Peru, she worked as a high school and college instructor, and is now full-time mother to two children. She is dedicated to preserving affordable housing, particularly for those struggling to remain in Boulder. She currently lives in one of Boulder’s federal opportunity zones, and wants to protect the immigrant population that lives in those zones by supporting city purchases of apartment buildings and collective purchases.

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    Boulder City Council Candidate Forum: Celani, Joseph, Julca KGNU News

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