Black Talk: Climber Eddie Taylor

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    Black Talk: Climber Eddie Taylor Shannon Young

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On 12 May 2022, Full Circle – a group of Black mountaineers – reached the world’s highest peak; Mt. Everest.

Black Talk is delighted to speak to Eddie Taylor, a member of Full Circle and a high school chemistry teacher and track and field coach at Centaurus High School in Lafayette, CO.

Full Circle not only made history but they’ve also inspired conversations about how Black people do and don’t interact with the outdoors. In a CNN article about Full Circle making it to the top of the word, there is a reference to the mountain being a metaphor. One of the members of the group stated, “Our goal here is to help folks aspire to have a profound and respectful relationship with the outdoors and feel not entitled to it, but welcome to it. If you see it can be done, you can do it right.”

Eddie Taylor will be at an event at Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder on Sep 15 and will be speaking at Chautauqua on March 21st.
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    Black Talk: Climber Eddie Taylor Shannon Young

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