Biology Through The Lenses of Darwin’s Contemporaries

If you have taken middle school biology, you’ve probably heard the name Charles Darwin. He is known as the father of evolution, popularizing concepts like natural selection. What they do not always teach you in school is that he had contemporaries researching and coming up with these ideas alongside him.

Amongst them was a man named Alfred Russel Wallace. He’s considered by many biologists and biological scholars to be an overlooked figure in scientific history.

There is a new book out about Wallace, authored by professor of biology and executive director of the Highlands Biological Station at Western Carolina University Jim Costa. He has written books on Darwin, Wallace, and evolution. He is also a recipient of the Alfred Russel Wallace Medal, among other honors. His new book – Radical by Nature: The Revolutionary Life of Alfred Russel Wallace – discusses Wallace’s personal life, legacy, and overall scientific contributions. He will be at the Boulder Book Store tonight, September 6th, at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the book. He joined KGNU and Report for America’s Jackie Sedley on today’s Morning Magazine to discuss his work.


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    Biology Through The Lenses of Darwin’s Contemporaries juanita hurtado

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juanita hurtado

juanita hurtado


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