Ballot Measure 2K in Lafayette

“It allows us to have a voice down at City Hall.”

Doug Hurst, a Lafayette firefighter is supporting ballot measure 2K which would give firefighters in the city collective bargaining rights.  Hurst says other local communities allow firefighters to have collective bargaining rights “you have Boulder, Longmont, Mead, Erie, Dacona, Broomfield all have some type of representation with their fire protection district.”  Hurst says 2K is a workers rights issue.

Ballot issue 2K asks voters “Shall the City Council of the city of Lafayette enact an ordinance by April 1, 2016, obligating the city to engage in collective bargaining with the designated exclusive representative of the Lafayette firefighters, including provisions for non-binding arbitration with impasses to be submitted to the electors of the city for final resolution?”

Opponents say that a formal agreement is not necessary following meet-and-confer rights approved by Lafayette City Council in July recognizing the local union chapter and respecting firefighters’ rights. An agreement would extend budget discussions and force the city to allocate additional resources to decisions impacting the department.


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    Ballot Measure 2K in Lafayette kgnu

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    Ballot Measure 2K in Lafayette kgnu

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