ART Talk: Bill Snider and Carlene Frances

Artists in Boulder are often challenged by a competitive and not so supportive environment. Only one functioning commercial gallery remains within our city today. In an effort to bring greater awareness for the arts in Boulder and strengthen and celebrate our own art community, we are working on a radio series called “A R T Talk”. It is hosted by one of Boulder’s long time art curators, Susan Knickle and is produced by Yukari Miyamae.


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    ART Talk: Bill Snider and Carlene Frances KGNU News


A R T Talk shares “shop talk” by artists, local and beyond. Susan encourages lively interchanges between artists about techniques, approaches, and their mediums and concepts along with their experiences with the arts in their community. We are currently planning a series of six interviews with unique and local artists who work in many mediums (i.e sculptors, jewelers, ceramicists, painters, installation artists, etc.) some of whom literally travel to the ends of the earth seeking creative experiences.

Today we hear from Bill Snider and Carlene Frances whose work will be shown Friday, March 29 from 5:00-7:30 at Boulder Commons located at 2490 Junction Place in Boulder.

The universe is a moving, spinning place ….. I have always been drawn to things that conveyed this energy. As a university student focusing on kinetic sculpture, as a filmmaker and now as a painter, this kinetic energy is central to my work. I build up layers of paint, combine metallic elements and play them off against hardedge graphics to keep this movement alive in a dynamic built on contrast and juxtaposition. — Bill Snider.


Tranquility in the midst of daily turmoil. The Japanese have a word for it: Seijaku.  Seijaku isn’t an escape from the world that surrounds us. Rather, it is the seeking of serenity in the midst of activity; the finding of true inner quiet as the world churns around us. I’ve always been fascinated by the dichotomy between order and chaos—especially in today’s constant barrage of media and technology. The use of binary code in this series is not about technology, not about the code itself. Rather its distortion and randomness are symbols of the tumult from which we move toward peace, order and simplicity.

In Seijaku I suggest to the viewer that the journey to serenity can start with a break from the routines of an active life. A move toward order and balance. A discovery of the calm pond at the heart of us.” — Carlene Frances


Carlene Frances
Bill Snider
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    ART Talk: Bill Snider and Carlene Frances KGNU News

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