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The Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Run takes place over 60 days around a 1 city block in New York City. Runners come from around the globe to participate in the world’s longest race. Film maker Sanjay Rawal follows competitors in the race in his documentary 3100 Run and Become, but looks at the broader issue of running as a spiritual quest and takes us to the Navajo Nation, the Kalahari and the highlands of Japan.


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“We got very unique access into three cultures that had been running since time immemorial, the Navajo cultures of the Southwest in the US. For them running is prayer, running is a celebration of life, running is a teacher, and for most of us who have run competitively, those aren’t the words that our coaches have told us.”

3100 Run and Become plays on September 13th at the Muenzinger Auditorium at CU Boulder at 7.30pm. That screening will be attended by Navajo marathon runner Linnabah Snyder, a Navajo marathon runner who has qualified for the Olympics. Film maker Sajay Rawal is offering grants for local Native Americans to attend the screenings free of charge. For more information contact: [email protected].

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    3100 Run and Become KGNU News

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