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What underwriting is:
Underwriting is an announcement of support.
While listener-members are the major sponsors of KGNU, KGNU also welcomes support from local businesses and other non-profits via underwriting.
By underwriting a KGNU program, a business contributes to KGNU operations and is thanked for it during that program.
Businesses may underwrite with money or with a trade of goods or services.
Please see the list of our present underwriters.
What underwriting is not:
Underwriting is not advertising. KGNU is committed to our non-commercial status and adheres strictly to the FCC's definition of non-commercial.  
KGNU's underwriting announcements may be prerecorded or read live. They are read verbatim, with neutral inflection and no music.
The text is basically this: "This program is supported by you, the KGNU listener member, and by ABC, whose product 123 is available at XYZ. They can be reached at...". KGNU and the business will negotiate the actual wording of the underwriting announcement.
Underwriting announcements are regulated by the FCC and must conform to the following guidelines.
  • Allowed:
    • Value-neutral description of product or services
    • Product or service listings that aid in identifying the business
    • Twelve word/twenty second maximum
  • Not allowed:
    • Comparisons and endorsements
    • Qualitative Statements
    • Expression of views
    • Superlative Descriptions
    • Price or Value Information
    • Calls to Action
We prefer an underwriting commitment of at least one year, one announcement per week.
These are the prices for paid underwriting. For in-kind underwriting, announcements are valued at higher level, negociated with the business.
Times Per announcement Per year
1 / week
Mon-Fri, 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM
Mon-Fri, 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM
$50 $2,600
10:00 PM to 5:45 AM $30 $1,560
Weekends and other times $35 $1,820
For more information about underwriting: