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KGNU welcomes your comments about our programming or about things that we broadcast.
Our listeners may hear your comments and readers of our program guide may read them. So please use this as a forum for your opinions about KGNU and its programming.
The Comment Line: a voice mail system.
Call the Comment Line at 303-447-9911 and leave a message.
Most messages are played on the air, Tuesday morning at ~8:25 AM during the Morning Magazine.
While these comments do reach a staff member, they are not likely to reach the particular programmer whose program enticed you to call. If that's important to you, please contact that programmer directly.
More than anything else, this is a way of sharing your thoughts with other listeners.
Letters, e-mails.
Please write or e-mail us with your comments.
We may publish some of them in our printed Program Guide.
E-mails to the Air Studio may (or may-not) reach the programmer who is on the air at that time. Do not give the Air Studio comments that are directed to people other than the person who is on the air at that moment, as it is not likely to reach your intended recipient.
Please email the webmaster your comments about the website.
Note: non-KGNU programs:
Not all of the programming you hear on KGNU is produced by KGNU. If you have a comment for an externally produced program, we encourage you to contact its producers directly: find the program in the shows' list, and click its link.
Note: long comments:
Please do not leave long comments to whomever happens to answer our office phone: while doing so may be of help to you, your entire comment is not likely to reach your intended recipient. Instead, either call the comment line, or allow us to put you in contact with a staff member.
Citizen commentaries
KGNU broadcasts short pieces of citizen commentary during Monday's Morning Magazine news program.
KGNU welcomes your opinion pieces. Please call or email the News Department for more information.
Handcrafted on 11/15/06 by Davide