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Spiritual shows
KGNU brings you these New Age, philosophical, religious and spiritual and alternative reality programs.
externally produced Alan Watts
Tuesdays 9:00 AM, 30 minutes
Prentations from the late philosopher and author.
Alan Watts specialized in presenting eastern spirituality to western audiences.
externally produced Bioneers
Sundays 2:00 PM, 30 minutes
Bioneers: environmental/spiritual news.
listen to this show KGNU produced Living Dialogues
Some Sundays 12:30 PM, 30 minutes
New age views with Duncan Campbel.
Living Dialogues website
externally produced New Dimensions
Sundays 1:00 PM, 1 hour
New dimensions: uncommon wisdom for unconventional times.
Michael and Justine Toms interview authors, healers, philosophers and activists.
externally produced Sound & Spirit
On hiatus
Sound & Spirit: Music, ideas celebrating the human spirit.