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Denver 1390 signal
In order to keep KGNU-Denver on the air, we must raise nearly $3 million. In an unprecedented campaign, KGNU has already raised over $1,250,000 enough to cover the down payment on 1390 AM. Now we must raise the rest of the $4.1 million purchase price.
We need your help!
Sign-up for the Denver Outreach mailing list. Your e-mail address:
These are the ways you can help:
1) Become a 1390 Founding member
1,390 people x $ 1,390 for 1390 AM = ~ $ 2 Million

If 1,390 people (or groups of people) give $1,390 each, we will raise nearly $2 million and help ensure that KGNU stays on the air in Denver, becoming independent, community radio for the entire Front Range.
This is your chance to invest in a new, independent voice in Denver, to become part of an unprecedented campaign to reclaim the airwaves, and to help pave the way for community radio stations all over the country to expand.
Here's how you can help: Donate $ 1,390.
That is a lot of money, a "stretch gift", a gift that you might make only once or twice in your lifetime.
Yes: each member of KGNU's board and staff has given a "stretch" gift.
Now we're asking you to do the same.

Now is the time! To arrange this, call us.
If that's too much all at once, consider making payments over time, possibly through an automatic monthly payment plan.
$ / mo months
230 6
150 9
100 14
60 24
40 36

We are also happy to tailor a plan to fit your budget.

2) Throw a house party
Not only are house parties a fun way to get involved, they are an effective way to raise money for KGNU, to introduce new people to KGNU's independent news and eclectic music, and to bring communities together.
The kind of party you throw is up to you! You can choose to serve cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, dinner, or brunch; you can choose to screen a short movie or simply provide a forum for people to socialize. We are happy to send a KGNU representative to speak at your party and to help solicit funds.
Time/Date: Choose a date and time for the party. It should be at least three weeks from now. Send or email your invitations at least two weeks in advance. When you decide, contact us to let us know, and to book a KGNU representative.
Format: Decide whether you want to offer drinks; cocktails; hors d'oeuvres; dinner or brunch; whether you'd like to screen Amy Goodman's documentary, Independent Media in a Time of War (30 minutes), or to allow more time for socializing. (If some of your guests have already seen it, we'd recommend against screening it.) If you have other ideas, run with them!
Guest List: Write your guest list. Invite between 3-4 times the number of people your house or venue can hold (generally at least two thirds of the invitees won't be able to make it).
Goal: Choose a monetary goal for your party. The minimum is $1,390. If you know your guests can give more, try for two gifts of $1,390, for a total of $2,780. Or moreƒ The important thing is to have a goal. As the host, you should be prepared to write the first check.
Invitations (2 weeks out): Mail or email them at least two weeks in advance. If you email them, please send individual emails to each individual guest. Mass emails to your whole list are not as effective as a person-to-person invitation.
We have created a sample invitation (Microsoft Word). Feel free to download it and use it verbatim, to modify it as you see fit, or to create your own.
Fill in your details, make sure the stated fundraising goal is accurate, and, if you are offering more than drinks and hors d'oeuvres, note that as well.
If you write your own, be sure to include the information we have included in the sample invitation. It is crucial to be clear that the party is a fundraiser, and to ask people to bring their checkbooks. That way, people know what they are getting into. By attending, they are signaling they are ready to donate, or at least open to being asked.
Reminder call (1 week out): Most people find it helpful to receive a reminder telephone call one week before the event, even if they have RSVP'd. We recommend you call everyone on your list. If they have not RSVP'd, ask them if they plan on attending. This will help you to get a more accurate head count.
The party: Have fun!

3) Give a donation
Give whatever you can. Every donation counts!
Thanks to the Gay and Lesbian Fund of Colorado for their support of KGNU's Denver Community Radio Campaign