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More Power to the People!

After over 30 years of broadcasting at 1300 watts, KGNU recently more than tripled the power of our 88.5 FM signal to 4000 watts. Our FM signal now reaches thousands more listeners in Denver, Aurora and many other metro area communities. If you've never been able to receive KGNU on 88.5 FM, we encourage you to check us out at our new higher power.

KGNU needs your feedback on the new signal. Please tune us in at 88.5 FM at your home or office and in your car, then let us know about the quality of the FM signal by sending a email to

Please note that, even with our new higher power, 88.5 FM still does not reach the entire metro area. If you're on the edge of the signal, you may want to take steps to improve your FM reception. KGNU is also still available online at and on 1390 AM.

To our listeners in Longmont, Lyons and Loveland areas: in order to carry out our FM power increase, KGNU installed a new directional antenna. This new antenna has caused reception problems for some listeners in the northern part of signal area. We have tried our best over the past several months to solve the problem, but it persists in some neighborhoods. We are continuing to explore options for improving 88.5 FM reception in your area. In the meantime, we encourage you to listen online at and/or review our tips for improving FM reception. Thanks very much for your patience and support.