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PSAs (Public Service Announcements)
Note: We are not accepting PSA submissions currently, we hope to re-implement this service again in the future.

See our concert, arts, and events calendars for other submissions.

If your are a non-profit, consider submitting a proposal our our weekly feature, Dot Org. Submit an email to "Dot Org" here.
About PSAs
PSAs are short, non-commercial announcements that are read on the air.

  • They are a way for non-profits to get the word out about their needs, upcoming fundraisers, calls for volunteers, special events, etc.
  • They are a service of KGNU to the community.
  • They are not scheduled; while programmers are required to read a number of PSAs during a show, it is up to the programmer to pick a PSA to read.
  • They may be dated (for a particular event) or ongoing.
Hearing, Reading PSAs
PSAs are read on the air at random times throughout the day.

Getting more info on a PSAs
If you you need more information about a PSA that you heard on the air, please call us. The person at the Front Desk should be able to help you, though he or she may have to call you back later with the information. It's best if you call immediately after you hear that PSA on the air.
Submitting PSAs
Follow these guidelines carefully to make it more likely that a KGNU programmer will read your PSA on the air.
Writing the PSA:
  • Include all the pertinent information: Who, What, When, Where, Why.
  • Use complete sentences, not a list of details. Shorter, less complex sentences are better.
  • Make no editorial comment; don't make it sound like KGNU is taking a position.
  • If appropriate, add phonetic pronunciation, particularly with names.
  • Include concise contact information that can be both read and remembered easily (not multiple names and numbers, complex URLs).
  • Include a kill date, the first day when the PSA should no longer be read (leave blank for ongoing PSAs)
  • No prices.
  • The total length should be such that it can be read in 20 seconds or less.
Submitting the PSA:
  • Submit at least two weeks in advance.
  • Submit either a printed PSA or fill the form below. Sorry, we do not accept faxed PSAs.
(to be read on the air
Extra info
(not to be read on the air
Kill date [mm/dd/yy]:
(if applicable)
Contact info
Your organization
Your name
Your email
Your phone
Questions? Call us. We'll talk.