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our spotlight on local nonprofits

the show that makes you smarter

news about Latin America and the Caribbean

our weekly live music showcase

focusing on the visual and performing arts

locally produced Latinex interview show in Spanish
entrevistas locales producidas por y para Latinx

locally produced equity news reporting
reportajes equitativos producción local

locally produced LBGTQ news and interviews

Monitors the station's budget. Assists the Station Manager in preparing the annual budget, and reviews profit and loss statements

Gives the community a way to review the programs and services provided by the station

Oversees most general fundraising at KGNU, including the capital campaign, major gifts, select special events, grants, and underwriting

Organizes KGNU benefit events

Prepares agendas of board meetings, serves as Personnel Committee and oversees the search for a Station Manager when the position becomes vacant

Recruits, interviews, and recommends board members candidates

Reviews KGNU programs in light of the station's mission and standards. Considers new programs on KGNU. Reviews programs that have received complaints from listeners, staff, or volunteers

Oversees the implementation of KGNU's 2019-2023 Strategic Plan

Denver Program Manager

Youth Media Educator

Digital Content Manager

Underwriting Manager

Associate Reporter & Producer

Bilingual Reporter/Reportera Bilingüe

Tickets & Presents Coordinator

Membership Coordinator

Operations Director

Music Director

Station Manager

Development Director

News & Public Affairs Director


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