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Donate stuff
Support KGNU by donating things that we can use or sell.
This is our wish list:
  • Cars, with partial proceeds from their sale going to KGNU.
  • Cellphones, with a small contribution going to KGNU.
  • Plants for our Garden party.
  • Anything that can be sold on e-bay, with partial proceeds going to KGNU.
  • Computers and other IT equipment. No junk, please. Please contact the IT department first. In particular:
    • A 24-channel Ethernet switcher.
    • Recent generation PC desktop computers.

For anything else, or more info contact us.
Donations to KGNU may be 100% tax deductible.
This program lets you get rid of your old junker (running or not) in a positive way, with a partially tax deductible contribution to KGNU. Some restrictions apply.

KGNU has two options for car donations:

1) Visit KGNU's page at the Center For Car Donations or call their easy-to-remember toll-free number 844-KGNU-CAR (844-546-8227)

2) Cars Helping Charities: Call 866-701-2277 or click here

Both organizations facilitate the sale of your car, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting KGNU.
The entire sale of the car is tax deductible to you, to the extent of the law.
They will take cars that run or not.
Some restrictions apply.
They will tow any cars that do not run, with no additional charge to you.
You must be able to provide the title to the car.
For more info contact us.
Did you know that your old, unused cell phone could to a small extent help support KGNU?
Drop your old cellphone in the collection box by KGNU's front door. A commercial enterprise will use it and give a small donation to kgnu.
KGNU is currently accepting the donation of old or otherwise unwanted cell phones, all of which will be recycled properly and will financially benefit the station. Improperly disposed cell phones release hazardous materials into landfills, so you'll be doing your part for the environment AND helping KGNU. All cell phones donations can be dropped off at the KGNU studios. You can turn your old, unused cell phones into cash for KGNU. In association with The Wireless Alliance, KGNU has begun a cell phone recycling program that allows you to easily and safely dispose of your old phone, with the proceeds benefiting KGNU. You can help keep improperly disposed cell phones and their hazardous materials from landfills, and do your part for the environment - and for KGNU. Don't throw that old cell phone away! Cell phones contain lead, arsenic, beryllium, and other hazardous toxin that can leach into the environment through our landfills. Fortunately, recycling your old cell phone is as easy as donating it to KGNU. Simply drop by the KGNU studios at 4700 Walnut St in Boulder, or 700 Kalamath in the Microbusiness Development Center in Denver, and we'll take care of the rest.