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Concert Calendar
About the Concert Calendar
The Concert Calendar is a list of upcoming local musical events that is read on the air, and is available on-line.
It is a free service of KGNU, which is commited to supporting live, local music.
  • It is read weekdays at about 11:30pm and 1:30pm
  • Appropriate items may be read during a specialty program (i.e.: jazz concerts during a jazz program).
  • It is available on-line.
  • It lists the performer, the location and the time.
Hearing, Reading the Concert Calendar
The Concert Calendar is read on the air twice every weekday, at about 11:30 AM and at 1:30 PM.
You can also read it on line.
Submitting to the Concert Report
Please follow these guidelines:
  • Include the most pertinent information: Who, What, When, Where
  • Make no editorial comments: don't make it sound like KGNU is taking a position
  • If appropriate, add phonetic pronunciation, particularly with names
  • No prices. "Free" is OK
  • Don't use ALL CAPS
  • Submit a minimum 2 weeks in advance for approval.
  • Use the notice submit form, or mail or drop off your submission at the station