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Comments, commentaries

Comment line
Tuesdays ~8:25 AM, during the Morning Magazine; 2-4 minutes

Comments to our voice mail about our programming or about things that we broadcast.
KGNU welcomes your comments: submit a comment.

Citizen commentaries
As available, during the Morning Magazine; 2 minutes

Short pieces of citizen commentary.
KGNU welcomes your opinion pieces: submit a commentary.

Jim Hightower
Weekdays 8:36 AM, 2 minutes

Jim Hightower provides concise and often humorous commentaries on politics and societies.

Nature Almanac
First Friday of the month, 8.06 AM

For each month, local naturalists Steve Jones and Ruth Carol Cushman prepare something to explain "What's happening in the natural world" that month, then Shelley goes tromping around with them in some beautiful location gathering sound to go with the production, edit it down and mix it all together into the 3-minute piece..

Boulder County Nature Association