Upcoming Shows and DJs

DJ Notes

Legal IDs

KGNU's FCC Legal ID is "KGNU Boulder Denver and Ft. Collins". Just those words, in that order. This language is required +/- 5 min around the top of the hour. Check the signs in the studio for more details about extended and translator IDs. At other times, mix it up! "KGNU" or "KGNU Community Radio" will suffice, and feel free to add websites, AfterFM, and so forth.

Studio Etiquette

KGNU's studios can be both a stimulating and distracting environment. To minimize this, never enter the air studio while a DJ is on mic, i.e. when the on-air light is on, and as a courtesty, ask if it's ok to be in the studio at other times.

Control the Bleed: Please keep studio doors fully closed! We know they can get a little stuffy, but as a courtesy to all of those using KGNU's spaces, keep the door closed (or the volume at a minimum) to help keep the sound from bleeding into the sound lock, other studios, and other spaces. All of those at the studio will appreciate it!

Ticket Giveaways

Check the notes for details around how tickets are being offered, as this may shift until we're back at full office operations. Please direct all questions around giveaways to tickets@kgnu.org.

Using Slack:

Use the #air-studio channel to help us coordinate better and watch for notifications! It helps studios and staff coordinate better, especially during cross-studio transitions..

Is your show starting from a different studio? Please arrive early and call or message the other studio confirming you're there, the other DJ will really appreciate it!

What if no one shows up for the next show?

Notify the appropriate staff member. Leave the studio silent, as our silence detector will play the overnight signal after 30 seconds of silence. Information is available on the emergency contact info sheet in the air studio.