Commemorative posters have been created for KGNU's Grateful Dead Rare Tape Specials that air during our membership drives. Each person who donated during the Dead Special received a free poster. The first poster was created in 1988, many of the earlier ones are currently out of print.

Note - Our Grateful Dead Special Posters are currently unavailble. We hope to be able to offer them again in the future. See the gallery for posters that have been created over the years.

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In 1979, KGNU began broadcasting its highly popular Grateful Dead Rare Tape Specials on the last night of its semi-annual membership drives.

In 1984, local artist Bruce Campbell dropped by KGNU and asked then station manager Greg Fisher if he could donate some original art for the upcoming pledge drive. Greg suggested that Bruce create a poster for the big Grateful Dead Special, and the rest, as we say, is history.

Since then, KGNU has offered a unique commemorative poster to everyone who calls in to become a member of KGNU during each Grateful Dead Special.

These colorful and intricate posters were created by mainly local artists throughout the years and were created using various media including hand drawn art, computer generated art, photography, mechanical overlays, and cut & paste.