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Make an End-of-Year Tax-Wise Gift to KGNU
Your support powers the future of community radio and enables KGNU to thrive. We want your gift to be as tax-efficient to you as possible. There are a few ways to give that will maximize the impact of your gift to KGNU outlined below.

Donate Stock & Securities

Consider donating long-term appreciated stock directly to KGNU. By donating stock, your gift to KGNU and your tax savings may be greater than if donating after-tax proceeds of stock you sell yourself. Share KGNU's stock transfer instructions with your broker to initiate your gift of stock today.

Planned Giving

Naming KGNU in your will or as a beneficiary of retirement accounts, IRA distributions, or mutual funds may allow you to realize significant tax benefits when you make your gift. Consult your attorney, financial advisor, or CPA and name KGNU as a beneficiary.

For more information about donating stocks or planned gifts contact Tim Russo, KGNU Station Manager at manager@kgnu.org or call (303) 449-4885.

Minimum Requirement Distributions for IRA Accounts

A contribution to KGNU through a Charitable IRA Rollover brings benefits to KGNU and also to the donor. This type of gift must be made before December 31 to count for this tax year. If you'd like more information about this tax-advantaged type of gift, please contact your financial advisor.

Employee Matching Gifts

Many companies match contributions their employees make to nonprofits, as a benefit to their employees. You may be able to take advantage of these matching funds by doubling your contribution to KGNU. Contact your Human Resources Department at work to participate in your employer's matching gift program.
Donate Your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, or Van!

Theres an easy way to give. Simply donate a vehicle to KGNU. We'll use the proceeds to keep bringing you expanded coverage of the local issues and music important to you. Donating is easy, the pick-up is free, and your generous gift is tax-deductible. Call 1-844-KGNU-CAR or donate online.

For more information about IRA distributions, employee-matching gifts, or car donations please contact Verity Matthews, KGNU Membership Coordinator, at membership@kgnu.org, or call 303 449-4885.

KGNU is not qualified to provide tax or legal advice. Please consult with your financial planner or tax advisor.


Created:11/01/22, Modified:11/08/22, expires:11/07/22, priority:1